Are His Eyes Elsewhere Because You Have Given Birth To Children?

Are His Eyes Elsewhere Because You Have Given Birth To Children? Image result for childbirth and marriage

A lot of women are now complaining that their husbands are no longer as sweet and honey as they used to be.

When gathered for discussions,they make up and generalize that the moment a woman gives birth or  begins to have children,the ''love'' and feelings husbands have for their wives suddenly decreases.

Now the questions are : Can the love a man has for his wife decrease simply because she has given birth to children? Are his eyes elsewhere because you have given birth to kids?

Some women say yes,but it is never true!No man ever reduces his love for his wife because she has given birth! It is not natural!

A man who loves his woman rather increases his love for her the moment she becomes pregnant with his baby and the love continues more deeply when she produces someone that can really make them build a family,and that is a child!

If this is the case,why then would some women believe that the moment they begin to have children,children who make couples build a complete family, their husbands begin to act differently,not loving them as they used to?

The only reason a man would not fall in love with his wife as he used to is not because she has given birth to children. The reason lies on something else!

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There is no love without reason. If a man loves a woman,there is or are reasons for it! It could be her height,complexion,intelligence,the way she speaks or talks or anything else! But,definitely,no man loves a woman in anticipation of children she would give birth to because children or  kinds of children to have is no body's choice to make.

The same goes with when a woman gives birth.His eyes are not somewhere else because you are now having children. Rather,a man could leave a woman or suddenly begins to have less feelings or love for her if that attraction,the reason he feels and develops love for her in the first place is no longer there!!

Can just childbirth disfigure a woman? Can childbirth give a woman a disappointing look thereafter? Food for thought!!!

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