Adaora Uko Feeds The Street And Raises Fund For Cancer Patients Rather Than Celebrating Birthday


Adaora Ukoh,is beautiful Nigerian actress who hails from Nimo in Njikoka local government area of Anambra state.  For the first time of celebrating her birthday in life,she decided to give attention to needy on the street and patients suffering from one form of cancer or the other.

Born in early 80's and being the first of 6 children,Adaora Ukoh could be described as a complete woman not because she is proudly over-size ,a wife and mother,but because is has feelings for humans going through pains in life and would not rest until she puts smiles on their faces.

For the first time to celebrate her birthday,Adaora went feeding beggars on the street of Aja in Lagos state and launching cancer awareness foundation. When asked what motivated her to do so,she said:

The basic reason I formally launched the NGO on my birthday is because I got involved in raising funds for a 25-year-old breast cancer patient who happens to be my house help. The young lady in question who has been working with me for some months was at a stage three breast cancer without my knowledge. When I eventually found out, it drained me emotionally and at that point I knew I had to do something about it, which prompted my floating the foundation instead of having a birthday party celebration. My team came up with the idea of feeding the less-privileged on the streets.

When asked however what is the most interesting part of celebrating her birthday,she also said:

I kept having this feeling that I should reach out and do more so on my birthday. God put it in my heart to kick-start a foundation to basically do two things; help women get early detection for any type of cancer that basically attacks the women folks; whether breast cancer, ovarian cancer, or cervical cancer. As we all know, early detection is the best cure. Jennifer, the young lady that was the idea behind the foundation, never got screened or tested. Not even when the ailment had started, and this was due to a lack of funds. I can bet Jennifer never knew what she had until it deteriorated. So in that spirit of reaching out, I decided the best way to celebrate my birthday for the first time was to cook, share my cakes, drinks, and give some supplies to a hundred beggars on the street in an initiative called #feedthestreet.

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