A Guy Left His Girlfriend Stranded At Enugu Shop Rite. Find Out Why!

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Should I say that some girls are stupid or very crazy? A man,a guy you call your boyfriend took you out and you demanded for everything you see like he was a tree of money. Are you crazy? If you were a guy,would you be able to pay for all that from your pocket?

Okay,this happened in Enugu shop rite Nigeria. A young man came down from Lagos to see his girlfriend. So they decided they would go to shop rite and spend time together.

Having taken some refreshment together,the boyfriend decided to buy his girlfriend a few thing in the shop rite mall.

Reaching there,the girl took 2 baskets and began loading items one after the other. 

Her boyfriend didn't say anything,neither did he stop her from loading items in the basket. She was picking one item after another without even considering if the man she called her boyfriend had enough money on him.

Of course the young man knew how much he had on his pocket and seeing that he could not pay for what had picked,quietly began to withdraw.

When it was time to pay,she began to look for him but he was no where to be found! That was how a guy left his girlfriend at Enugu shop rite stranded!

Did you know that this girl didn't have any money on her to pay for common tissue paper? But she could pick the whole items in shop rite for someone else to pay. Girls why??

Is this how to test whether a man loves you? If he is financially capable  enough to care for your needs?

No it is not! If you are doing anything like this to any man kind enough to appreciate you,then you are very very wrong!!!

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