''My Wife Named Our Son After Her Ex-Lover''. See Why And What Next!

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Ex lovers.

At first when I heard this,I was like ''what?''  After her exlover? Yes,the man,the husband to the woman who named her son after her ex lover was not just shocked or astonished,he was hooked on his neck! He said he didn't have any idea at all!

Now this was how he found out all of this before we continue: 
Father! Women are really surprising! 

You see,there is no need contemplating whether it is true that the woman named her son after her ex lover because,when her old school mate asked her what the name of her son was,she hesitated to tell her. Why? Because,she knew her old school friend who knew about the woman's relationship with her ex then in school would not find a prophet to reveal where the name of her son was coming from. And of course she mentioned it!

Are you like seriously surprised that a woman gave birth to a child and named him after her ex lover? But well,it sometimes happens!

But what do you expect? When a man and woman are in good relationship and amicably end it,the common practice is to immortalize it or give it something to be remember for!

It could be naming ones child after a boyfriend,or an ex lover!

But does this make any sense to you that a woman would keep something immortal to remember her ex lover for good? It depends on your mind set and the angle of your viewpoint.

Yes,some ex could be so good and nice but one thing beyond human control could just be to separate them. Something like blood group,genotype and other medical factors!

There is no call of disappointment from an ex to make a woman feel hurt. It is simply a departure for good and who knows,this could be the reason for the woman who gave birth to name her son after her ex lover! She always wants to remember him. He meant well for her! and he could not just be forgotten!

Yes,the father of the boy whose name was after her mother's ex lover ought to have been surprised! Only that  I just wonder the kind of relationship he has with his wife that they have never discussed some of their past relationships issues together. Yea

What would this man do next?  We do not know yet,but we advise he finds out from his wife why she named their son after her ex lover and share reasonable understanding with her!! They can also agree to change the name if it is in the best option!!!

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