Why Should A Man Love You For who You Are And Not For What You Are?

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Love and attraction.

Often,we hear people say ''I want a man that will love me for who I am and not what I am''. Sometimes too,we also share the same sentiment. Then I ask: ''Who are you that a man should love you for who you are and not for what you are?

Sometimes you forget that who you are is not more than a person,which is a human you are! Everyone is a human and that is whom we are!

What one is is what that person one has become in life. Your beauty,your talent,your career or profession,your family background,your educational status,your financial status,your dreams and ambition,etcetera.

Whom someone is is anything one is born with and not what someone achieves in live.

Again I ask: What is the source of attraction? What possibly and naturally makes a man love a woman? Is it what she is born with or what she posseses  in life?

Definitely,it should be what someone is born with or how someone is born. Height,complexion, and physical appearance.

What about character? Is it whom somebody is or what somebody is?

Well,since it is what someone possesses,acquires or develops in life,character is part of what someone is.

Again can someone,a man love a woman because of her character? Then,why shouldn't a man love you for what you are and not for whom you are?

Now your are getting it right?

Both whom you are and what you  are good things! They are the major part of the reasons why a man can love a woman and marry her!

 It surprises me to hear some women say ''If I discover that he loves me because of my family or because I am educated or because I have talent or good job,I will quite my relationship with him''.

To these ones I ask: What makes you have value? Is it not your possession? Is your value not what attracts a man to you? What are we saying?

A lady was so fat and no man of her choice ever got attracted to her. When she reduces weight,suitors begin to knock around for her hand and she refuses them saying ''Anyone who did not love her when she was fat does not deserve her now she is slim!''
Read these tweets and tell us which side you
What you are,your value in life is what attracts a man to you! Therefore,why should a man love you for who you are and not what you are???

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