''Why Waste Your Time To Date Only One Person?'' Find Here The Reasons Esaaba Advises Women To Engage In Multiple Dating.

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Gospel singer Esaaba.

Well,I know that it is possible that girls can have more than one boyfriend at the same time. But you see dating? I am Surprised that this could also happen.

I mean,we are talking about dating and not just having a boyfriend!

 Anyone can have a boyfriend today for reasons best known to her,but when it has come to dating,we know it is hinting on marriage!

Both the man and the woman in relationship are trying to see if they are good enough or if it is fit for each other to marry and become partners for life.

Why would the Ghanaian singer Esaaba Haizel advise women to engage in multiple relationship when she knows that dating involves more attention,focus  and seriousness to just one's partner? 

In dating,it is expected that both parties be faithful and honest with each other. Both parties in relationship try hard to earn the trust of each other while dating! So,what are Esaaba's reasons for advising women to engage in multiple dating?

See below,the only reasons why Esaaba feels that it is important that women engage in multiple dating:

“I advised young girls on my Facebook wall to have three to five men at the same time without having any s*xual intercourse with them.

You just have to be firm not to sleep with them. Having multiple partners will help you to study them, then you let the rest go, by choosing just one. Why waste your time to date only one person?

I’m saying this because you can’t have it all. One of the men would be interested in your business, one would be concerned about the food you eat on daily basis thereby supply your needs, the other will be interested in the shoes, makeups, clothing you wear, the list goes on”
I’m a Christian, is there something wrong with my advice to young ladies who aspire to marry? It’s a good advice your pastor cannot give you

In other words,singer Esaaba believes that dating is all about receiving material benefits such as shoes,clothing,food etc! This is crazy! Are you sure this gospel singer understand the meaning of dating? What is she saying?

Again she said: ''You just have to be firm not to sleep with them. Having multiple partners will help you to study them''. Then I asked Esaaba how possible it is for one woman to have multiple partners,eating from each and everyone of them and still be firm to close her legs. Is she a tree or an Iron? 

How could a woman properly study men when she is dating as many of them at the same time? Is it possible?

You can never understand each and everyone of them properly if you are jinking on them at the same time and that is the truth!

Esaaba,how many of your boyfriends are you dating at the same time?  And which of them is willing to marry you with the way you are going about things?

Dear Esaaba,only make sure you are not out to deceive our inexperienced young girls ready to date!!!

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