This Is When APC Leader Unknowingly Agrees That Present Nigerian Government Steals From National Treasury!

Bola Tinubu.

If you have been following Nigeria on political issues and reports these days,you would find out how  much the past government administration has been so criticized and largely blamed for the present economic hardship in the country.

The present ruling political party,APC has strongly asserted that the past government under PDP  left the national treasury empty,thus,being the major reason for the hard economic situations facing Nigeria today.

Looters are what the former government leaders and representatives are called by the present led administration! They are said to have embezzled and dried up the major streams and sources of national income! They are called thieves and stealers by the people of the present ruling party,APC!

However,the oiled finger which APC government uses to point accusations on the past government has also spread on their other fingers!

National leader of All Progressive Congress (APC) Bola Ahmed Tinubu has unknowing agreed that APC,the present ruling party also steals and embezzles from Nigeria treasury but not as much as the past administration had done! This he said in the statement presented at the 35th Annual Aminu Kano memorial symposium held in Kano on 17th of April,2018,presented by Oyo state governor,Abiola Ajimobi:

“When someone can do for you in three years what another did not even try in 16 years, any person with an open eye can see the difference between giver and taker, between friend and thief. The APC government may, at times, be imperfect in fulfilling the spirit of Aminu Kano but we are far from the PDP, which has perfected the malign craft of giving selfish ambition primacy over the public good. Consequently, the Buhari government has spent inordinate time cleaning the rot and plugging the holes in the corrupt system they institutionalised as their strategic policy and national direction. The APC has been working to steer our national ship from this awful direction in order that we may bring the people and their welfare into safe harbour.”

Then he continued:

''The stolen money would have acquired the infrastructure and implement the programmes that bring greater development and economic justice to all. Instead, the select few ate more than their bellies could contain. Distorting the cause of justice and hijacking the means of national welfare. They wildly enriched themselves and left the average Nigerian to dine on the passing wind.” 

Can any government administration in Nigeria,any political party in power relieve  and make Nigeria economy ever stand on her feet again???

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