This Is A Shame! Herdsmen Proving Stronger Than Nigerian Government?

Suspected herdsmen kill 24 in renewed Benue attacks
Phopto: Herdsmen attack Nigeria.

Who actually do you say are these herdsmen causing troubles in Nigeria? Making Nigerians sleep with just one eye closed and the other open? Are the herdsmen spirit that they can't have feelings for life and blood? 

When it comes to Boko Haram attack,everyone knows how they attack. They like to go to big gatherings,places where people merriment and forget the sense of dangers! But the herdsmen,they attack people in their farmlands,raid homes and communities of their hosts,yes,herdsmen also attack travelers on high ways,rape,rob and even behead them.

Who on earth are these herdsmen whose troubles bring much anxieties in the lives of Nigerians than anything else?

The truth is that the president and Nigerian leaders know very much about who these herdsmen are! This is a shame! Herdsmen proving stronger than Nigerian government! 

They are no ghosts or spirits,but full flesh and blood! Yes,the herdsmen causing pains and everlasting injuries to Nigerians are real humans born of women.

The most unfortunate thing is not that herdsmen attack Nigerians in their communities,farmlands or on a broad street,but the fact that Nigerian government isn't doing anything about it! They have demonstrated overtimes that they are weak!

On the 2nd of January 2018,the people of Benue state Nigeria were awaken by a sad news that herdsmen attacked one of their communities and killed no less than 40 people,including children and women!

One of the saddest of the story is where the herdsmen came to a particular compound and knocked on a door. To find out who was knocking,the head of the family came out and was struck dead immediately. This was immediately followed by the children being slaughtered as well,making the wife who was not around that night escape the terrible incidence!

When the president of Nigeria was notified with this issue,what did he do? Nothing,but a mere promise that the killers would not escape justice.

More than 3 different times,the people of Benue state Nigeria have experienced killings by herdsmen. 

Yesterday,on the 5th day of April 2018,there was another fresh attack in the same Benue state killing,not less than 24 people in different communities, and injuring many .

That same yesterday too but in Zamfara state Nigeria,a soldier was also killed during a clash with a set of herdsmen there.
Photo: Nigerian soldier killed during clash with herdsmen in Zamfara

These herdsmen have proven to be  stronger than Nigerian government indeed! They have no fear for what anyone can do! In fact,they are sure that the president himself cannot do any thing and so they wask stronger with eager determination to finish off people of their target communities.

Who are these herdsmen for God's sake???

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