This Is For Married And Dating! Try Visiting The Spot Where You Met That Love!

This Is For Married And Dating! Try Visiting The Spot Where You Met That Love! Image result for childhood lovers
You know,memories just have a way of setting things right most of the time,helping one to make a very strong decision in life .

A very good of mine was asked to marry a young man so rich and comfortable. They came from the same community and have a common background but this friend of mine refused to give her consent.

Funny enough,it is not as if she doesn't love the young man enough to accept his proposal and marry him,there was something stronger than the feelings she had for him!

No one knew this but she said that she had already met someone else and he is far from her community.

Her father tried to discourage her from having anything to do with the man she said she's met and having a relationship with and pay attention to the young man her family knows very well who also was interested in marrying her. Yet my friend still refused!

Everything was done to make my friend set her mind off the first guy she met and settle with the young  from the same community with her who is so buoyant in everything a woman could ask for. Still my friend refused to accept his proposal!

Few months later,her wedding card was out and she was set to marry her friend and the man from her community finally gave up on her.

It was after her wedding that we could understand the reason my friend refused the man whom everyone felt was a better choice for her!

She had always shared a beautiful memory she had with him when they starting being friends. That was when she was 5 years,and her husband when he was 7.

At that age of 5 and 7,they were used as little bride and ring bearer at a wedding occasion and their parent had a beautiful picture of it in their homes.

Of course they lived in the same city. When they grew up,they saw the picture where they were already looking like a couple and they loved it.

That was how my friend found her soulmate and so they made promise to each other to realize their fate as husband and wife which brought them together in a marriage.

Then I told her the day I saw that picture and I said: ''Now I know why you refused to marry  brother... despite everything. You can never be blamed at all because it's been long you were married to him and none of us knew about it...''.

The point is that memory is about everything in a relationship. Just when you are trying to give up in your marriage or in a relationship that has built love,remember the spot where everything began!

Memories have a way of making you stronger when you are about to give up in your marriage and long time relationship! Try visiting the spot where you met your love and trying visiting the lane as much as possible!!!

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