There Is Something Stronger Than ''Authority'' In Nigerian System! Where Is The Mace?Take A Look!!

MACE National Assembly
Thugs in Nigerian senate.

You can imagine a situation where a number of thugs invade the Senate while the Senators are all sitting at the meeting. Just imagine this set of people quietly come in and forcefully take the symbol of authority of the house-the Mace and make away with it uninterruptedly .

Well,these thugs were called unknown men but the intelligence doesn't need to be told who they were,but unfortunately,they can't say words about it because even what they think they know might be deceiving them.

For goodness sake,how could one see a thug come in with a suspended member of a house and violently acted unlawfully taking away symbols of authority of the house and get boldly away with it and Senators still call the invaders unknown men? Unable to track them down and save the country of this shameful attack? Anyways,we are still going to find out why it was so at the end of this talk!

It is just very unfortunate that this invasion took place few seconds after the person of Senator Ovie-Omo-Agege,a suspended member of the house came in to the chamber. But could anyone or the house point fingers at Omo-Agege to have led these thugs into the Senate since they came in immediately Senator Omo-Agege appeared in the chamber?

Well Ovie Omo-Agege is already a suspect by the house of Senate and of course by every other thinking and calculative mind. However, according to the early hour news this morning,Omo-Agege has out rightly denied any breach of peace and cause of interruption of the plenary by the attack of about 10 thugs.

Take a look at the report from PREMIUM TIMES which saw everything A-Z as it happened in the Senate on Wednesday the 18th day of April 2018:

''The Senate plenary was on Wednesday disrupted after suspected thugs invaded the chamber and made away with the mace.
The incident happened few seconds after a suspended senator, Ovie Omo-Agege, entered the chamber.
PREMIUM TIMES reporter observed that about 10 suspected thugs who came to the venue with the senator forced their entrance into the chamber.
Seconds later, the thugs ran out of the chamber with the mace causing pandemonium in the Senate.
They left the National Assembly with the mace in a black SUV.
The mace is the symbol of authority of the parliament.
That is an intelligent report from PREMIUM TIMES. Well,again it is very unfortunate that this ugly and disgraceful situation took place as soon as Ovie- Omo-Agege came in,making it look as if he led the thugs to the house like Judas-Iscariot did to Jesus Christ. 
Among other people and senators who blame senator Ovie-Omo-Agege is the deputy Senate president,Senator Ike Ekweremadu.
Here is his sincere take in the matter: 
''Having suffered suspension, does Omo-Agege have a legal right to enter the chamber? It was a breach of the law for him to force himself into the chamber.
”As I said, police are still investigating; we are going to find out the details of those who aided him to come in and then some of them I believe have been arrested and we will get to the root of the matter.”
The truth is that Nigeria suffers dishonoring shame because of lack of  adequate security, something that is so achievable in almost every country of the world! 
“How this is possible anywhere in the world beats my imagination'' says the leader of the senate house Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila
He continued. But my annoyance with him is that his proposition centers on the need of security only in the National Assembly and not as a need of the society in general when he said: 
“The moment has come for us to do what we should have done a long time ago; to beef up security at the National Assembly.
“You see people hawking in the corridors like a commercial centre. People come here to sell Suya and all manner of things take place here.
“This attack simply meant that we have been sitting ducks here.”
Well,I think that is true. Think about it!!!

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