The Problem Is Not That The Pastor Was Involved In Social Vices. Here Are The Major Problems For His Imprisonment!

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You see why it seems like many people do no respect the so called pastors or ministers of God? Majority of them are simply wolves in sheep' covering!

As watch dogs in every happenings all around the world and of course as critics,we have seen and heard of lots of disgusting things wicked people do in the name of God !

If these so called men or women of God do not bury humans alive they would spill blood or do more disgusting things under the foundation of their churches. In Africa,it is there,and of course,in America,Europe,Austria and Asia it is also the same!

How could a man who carries the name of God in his forehead and in his lips involve himself in cocaine trafficking,gun pushing and other criminal offences?

Okay,a Georgian church minister whose name is Cedric Mainor,has been sentenced to 10 years in prison,following these charges:
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One,Cedric Mainor of New Beginning International Outreach Ministry has been found guilty possessing cocaine and firearms,the two greatest weapons against life and blood. Of course he uses them in his interest if you ask me,but he was found guilty for distributing these threats to life weapons to gangs  and clubs.

It was also reported that the church minister,Cedric Mainor was responsible for the death of his son who was working for him until he died in one of his operations,using guns.

According to U.S Attorney's office which raided his home,the preacher was in too deep in major drug trafficking organization and would always house the drugs in his home and of course the reason for housing the drug in his home is not far fetched!

Who would ever believe that a man who called himself a man of God,a man who is always clothed in holy garments could be involved in dirty acts such as drug pushing and leasing of guns?

In his home too,the U.S Attorney's office also discovered 20 guns, AR magazines and hundreds of other ammonition near his Bible! Pastor Cedric Mainor,why?

You see,the problem is not that a man was found guilty possessing ammonition in his home  because animals can't do this,but he was doing so in the name of God! No fear,no respect for God and His spirit! This same man would also be looked at by his followers as a man of God! Taking  moral advise and looking up to him for moral guidance.

This is getting too much,and we want to say ''Enough is enough of this shame and disgrace in the name of God! 

Pastors,if you do  not have fear and respect for life and blood,at least respect the spirit and God who gives you life that you live!!!

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