Since Investigations Confirm They Are Not Herdsmen,Who Are These Fearless Killers In Benue State?

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Killings in Benue state.

Honestly,the time has really come for people to really think the other way about this killings in Benue state Nigeria.

Right from 2nd of January this year 2018,it's been one killing after another in Benue state Nigeria. It's been 3 good months since the people in Benue state have been living in fear of the so called ''herdsmen killing!''

Formerly,the attention of what is termed ''herdsmen'' was focused on farmers in their farms,and recently have migrated to homes and compounds of people killing the residents incessantly!

Just yesterday the 25th day of April 2018,it was reported on the news that 2 catholic priests and 17 parishioners were killed by suspected herdsmen on 24th,and on 25th the following day 16 more people were reported to have been killed in the same state,by the same ''suspected herdsmen'' too.

Honestly,other people in other countries by now would have been laughing at Nigerians and their so called leaders.

Nigeria is like a country without a government,where things happen lawlessly and like in the state of anarchy.

For more than 3 months now,there has been a set of people focusing on killing a particular state and its community,and all investigations could prove is that those killers are suspected herdsmen! No one is sure if they are herdsmen or not and off course I do know with a lot of evidence that the killers are not herdsmen!

Herdsmen can't do all this bad this way and people watch them go free! Focusing on killing their host communities when they have more of their cows and cattle to pay attention to and cater for.

Herdsmen can only kill when they are attacked or when their cows or cattle are killed and this rarely happens. No,herdsmen cannot leave their animals in the bush and enter compounds of their host communities,on whose farmlands their animals get their daily foods and drinks and begin killing them  all along for 3 months now,no!

And you know the worse and the truth? The Nigerian government,those in the government are very much aware of who these killers are,where they come from and why they are doing this to the people of Benue state! Yet they keep mute and silent,watching when they actually have the power to stop the mess,the shame and disgust!

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The so called ''herdsmen always attack with guns'' and this is why helpless youths,heads of families and mothers of our children cannot do much to protect their own!

Right before their eyes their beloved would be taken away and be shot dead!

It is only the government of Nigeria that can put a stop to this incessant killings in Benue state once and for all times because it has everything it takes to do so in one minute!!!

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