Should Professors Not Have Sex With Students And Still Go Free?

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You see,I always like the truth be told no matter what or who is affected! 

Every now and then,you hear reports of how professors and university lecturers sleep and have s*x with their students. People and children they should mentor,people who look up to them to grow in knowledge and become useful personalities!

Yes,rather than encouraging students to read and study,not just to pass their examinations,but to have and gain useful knowledge,you would hear of these universities lecturers,demanding and having s*x with their students.

Yes,why shouldn't professors request for s*x from their students? Should professor not have s*x with their students and still go free since they live in the enabling environment?

Nigerian system is a very enabling environment for crime and injustices to prevail! It is one of the countries on earth where anyone can do nonsense and go free! Nigeria is a place where her citizens cry in tears and no one comes for help. Yes,should professors not have s*x with their students and go free?

In Obafemi Awolowo University Nigeria,a professor,not a junior lecturer was said to have demanded to have s*x five times with his student before she could pass her examination.

Well,the student who reported this case didn't say she would not give in to the demand,but she was just seeking the opinions of general public.

One of the commenters of her post was so happy that she could expose the evil and wished other girls and victimized students could do same as well!

Then we ask: How well has the girl whose professor demanded to have s*x five times with expose his evil demand? The name of the professor was not even mentioned,and of course,she dare not do that in Nigeria system!

To whom would any victim of molestation,s*xual violence or raped by her lecturer report? The system has already recognized it,the system also know those who practice this evil and instead of giving expulsion,it gives promotion to them saying,go ahead!

Finally we ask again: Why should professors not have s*x with students and still go free? Should professors not have s*x with their students and still go free???

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