See What A Disabled Did To Prove That Nigerian Youths Are Not Lazy

#NigerianYouthsAreNotLazy: One-legged man seen carrying out road construction
Disabled in action!

Father! What is this man doing? Is he doing all this just to prove to Mr. President,that Nigeria Youths are not lazy?

Who said Nigerian youths are lazy other than President Mohammadu Buhari? Who else could ever think that people who thrive to succeed amid hardship and corrupt system are lazy? Who could ever go to that direction to think or feel that people who mobilize,canvass,organize and make things work in a faulty society are lazy?

Anyone who says this or mean anything close to it does not understand the meaning of laziness or the kind of people Nigerian youths are!

But hey Nigerians,my fellow Nigerians,please come down and do not be too angry with your president.

What has been spoken has been spoken down at the commonwealth and surely,it has nothing to do with what you really are!

Yes,we know and everyone knows that Nigerian youths like other people in other African countries are strong,persistent,resistant, and hard working people! You do not have to prove to anyone you are not lazy not to talk of risking your own life like this!

#NigerianYouthsAreNotLazy: One-legged man seen carrying out road construction

There is every likelihood that no one sends this man to do this work. No one,man or woman could possibly assign a handicapped,a disabled to do a hard and strenuous job such as this.

He said from his original post that he is doing this work to prove that Nigerian youths are not lazy! Of course you are not!

Yes,Nigerian youths are not lazy and you don't have to do all this just to prove that!

Rather than doing this or acting this way,prove to Mr.President and all those who heard Nigerian youths are lazy that you are the bedrock and pillar on which the country,Nigeria stands and relies on!

Keep engaging your acquired skills,your energy,your ever God given talents on useful activities to make your family,your community and your country proud of whom you are! You don't have to prove or impress anyone at the expense of risking your health,your life!!!

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