On Language Extinction,Between University Of Nigeria And UNESCO, Which Wins The Argument? Find Out Here!

UNN versus UNESCO.

You already know the argument right? And you also want to know which wins between the first indigenous university in Nigeria,the University of Nigeria Nsukka and the United National Educational,Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO over the issue of language extinction right?

Okay I would tell you!

You know,over 10 years ago,UNESCO announced that in 2050,many African languages will go into extinction and die the same way that Latin is dead for years now. According to UNESCO,many African countries have borrowed English language in place of theirs and enjoy using it,instead of their own indigenous languages. For this reason,UNESCO says that in 50 years time,many African languages especially the Igbo language in West Africa,Nigeria,will go into extinct and die!

The department of Linguistics of the University of Nigeria Nsukka has embarked on a serious argument with UNESCO over this issue and says on the contrary that Igbo language is never going to die!

Is it true that if language speakers borrow another language and use it more than their own language will their indigenous language die as UNESCO claims? Do you take side with the University of Nigeria that no matter what,Igbo language will never go into extinction?

A Professor of Linguistics in the University of Nigeria Nsukka,UNN,the person of Boniface Mbah is the key speaker on this timely issue.

Here is his line of argument: 

“Anybody who is saying that any Nigerian language – Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba – will go into extinction doesn’t know what he is saying. Any language that is dying will not have a rural population of native speakers. As long as there are people speaking the language daily, it can never die.

Well he was saying this at the 129th inaugural lecture held at the University campus at Nsukka.  He continued:

“Those who claimed that the Igbo Language will die based on the analysis that Igbo children are being brought up with foreign languages are not aware of how many children are being born as native speakers of the language. There is no empirical evidence that Igbo Language is going into extinction; it will not die in the next one million years.”

It's looking like the University of Nigeria is making reasonable points right. Will there be a time when indigenes of a community will cease to exist? Will there not always be people or survivals in a particular region? That is the point the University of Nigeria holds.

UNESCO has to give us their points as well before we the judges give our verdict! Yes,they need to tell us how and why they claim that Igbo language will die in 2050 or otherwise,denounce their statement!!!

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