Ladies,What Are You Looking For In Church?

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Women and church.

Well,if you do have an eagle's eye,you would understand the question so well. You wouldn't have to ask: What is she saying or talking about?
Okay fine,remove the eagle's eye and use your normal eyes.  Have you seen the way ladies jump into churches these days? Even those that have sworn not to step their feet in the sanctuary are now streaming into it. Ladies,what are you looking for in church?

Fine,enough of the digression. Our ladies are now seen covering their heirs with Bibles seen on their hands! You don't have to ask me ''why'' or ''what for'',because you know the answer as much as I do! Or don't you have a thinking cap? Put it on!
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The main story line has it that our ladies are now going to church to seek God's favor. Yes,husband! But are husbands found in churches? I mean,do churches give or supply husbands to single ladies? Desperadoes!

Going to Church or remembering one's creator because one is in need of a husband is unfair,selfish and bad! What makes you feel that by lying to yourself that you now love God,you would get a husband?  Are those outside churches not getting married every weekend? Be realistic ladies!

It has also come to our knowledge that childless or barren women now sleep in churches as if God is owing them anything or withholding the gift of the womb from them. Honestly,what kind of people are these?

Well,I don't go to church,but I do know that God is not partial,neither does he treat or repay us according to our deeds. He is merciful and gracious,God I know who lives in heaven withholds nothing good from his wonderful creatures he beautifully made whether you worship him or not.

When the rain falls,he allows it to fall upon both the righteous and the unrighteous! Ladies,what are you looking for in church??

If you know you have offended God,go make peace with him and and simply live your life in peace! God is not responsible for your childlessness or singleness. 

If you are in good conditions,whether you go to church and worship God or not,you will have your heart desires of whatsoever!

Live decently,have a good health routine,love your neighbor as yourself and you won't have anything to worry about. Cast your burden on him because he cares for you the good book says!!!

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