Is Traditional Marriage Not Also Marriage?

Is Traditional Marriage Not Also Marriage? -Image result for traditional marriage
Tradition marriage.

Honestly,there is this thing people of Africa and in Africa do that I don't understand. The fact that after a woman's bride price has been paid for and everything about traditional rites in marriage has been done,that woman and the man who has paid her bride price still don't fell they have been married until white wedding is done!

Doesn't this sound crazy?

Where does the problem come from? Does it come from the people or the tradition itself?

One other thing that surprises me so much about the whole thing is that before the white wedding came to Africa,of course it had never been from the beginning,Africans have only one type of marriage. And that type of marriage is TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE!

Once a suitor pays his woman's bride price and married her properly according to their tradition,they have automatically become legally married!

So what suddenly changed? What went wrong along the way? Why must the white people's culture and ways of living prevail when it arrives Africa!

A woman sees a man who wants to marry her,she takes him to her people for introduction and after her suitor has finished every traditional rites on marriage,she still feels she has not been completely married. Isn't that insane?

Ask your mother or your grandmother who were married only by traditional order if they still feel they are not completely married.

Then,if your mother,your grandmother and the rest of them married only according to their tradition,certified and given birth up to your generation and you feel today that without white wedding,you have not been properly and completely married,I would loudly say you are not thinking in the right direction!

Have a rethink and come back to your senses of origin and leave the white culture which you know not alone!!!

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