Is Saharan Reporter, Now Presidential Aspirant ''Inconsequential'' As Communication Minister Claims? See Who Wins In The Studio Debate

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Photo: Shittu and Omoyele.

What do you call a situation where a father,a teacher or someone looked upon with regards tells his subject who aims to be great that he is too small to think of greatness? That is exactly what the Nigeria's Minister Of Communication,Adebayo Shittu has made himself called!

Mr. Sowole,a publisher of Sahara reporters on Saturday,the the 7th day of April 2018 declared his interest to contest for 2019 presidential election and you know what the Minister of Communication told him?

The Minister said that Mr Sowole,is too small for that position! He said this on a public affairs radio program in Ibadan.

Interestingly,the whole thing looked like drama in the studio as the honorable Minister sat in debate with the Saharan publisher,Omoyele Sowole when the latter stated that Buhari's regime will end in 2019,and that he will be the next Nigerian president.

This is the quick response of the honorable Minister to the presidential aspirant:

“By your wish or by God’s wish? You are just dreaming. You are a day dreamer” 

Then the presidential aspirant replied to the honorable Minister saying:

 “By the wish of the people of Nigeria, Sir. It is not a dream. It is the realisation you’d wake up to on February 15.”

 The drama continued in studio as the honorable Minister asked the presidential aspirant:

“Sowore, what’s your electoral worth? Whether in your Ife (sic), home or any part of this country.”

In sharp reply,the presidential aspirant said:

“My electoral worth brought you to power in 2015. Nobody even heard about many of you in 2014.”

And the Minister said in turn to Sowole:

“You are inconsequential…” 

Not to look inconsequential to the honorable Minister of communication,Mr. Sowore gave proof of his stuff. And this really really feels so good to hear...

“I am consequential because you came to power on my back, on our back… on the back of young people who invested a lot of hope.”

Next,the honorable Minister did something that make him look he's given up. This is it:

“What did you invest? Did you invest more than me, No? I will not sit here and allow someone make noise…You are just a noisemaker. You are just a noisemaker.”

Wow! Nigerians  leaders are always this way! Thinking backwardly if you ask me! How old is Mr. Sowore? Of course he is nothing short of 35 years and Communication Minister thinks he is too small for being a president of Nigeria.
 Again we ask: What kind of man is the Minister of Communication,Barrister Shiitu

Again we ask: What kind of man is the Minister of Communication,Barrister Adebayo Shiitu?? Do you agree with him that Mr. Omoyele Sowore is inconsequential for being a presidential aspirant???

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