Is Nigerian President Now Feeling Regret For Calling Nigerian Youths Lazy?

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Mr.President and Nigerian youths.

Well,from every imaginable angle,no one,no analyst has been able to justify Mr president's statement at the Common Wealth calling Nigerian youths lazy. Not even any of his ministers,Lai Mohammed,or his special media adviser could at this time defend Mr. President in his wrong and inconsiderate speech at the Common Wealth about Nigerian youths early this week.

In every media,in every nook and cranny place and in every circle of discussion of friends and youths,the topic for two days now has been #lazynigerianyouths#!

What Mr. President of Nigeria didn't remember before he made that statement was that in whatever he is,he was and he will be has always been and will be dependent on the efforts of Nigerian youths.

In political rally, it's Nigerian youths. In election,it is Nigerian youths!In everything about Mr.President in or out in his political career,it is also Nigerian youths! Just what can any one do without youths?

Is Nigerian president now feeling regret of calling Nigerian youths lady? Obviously Nigerian youths are not lazy and he should feel regret for this!

In amid unemployment situation and hardship in Nigeria,Nigerian youths are brazing strong,being hopeful that soon,everything will be fine! They never beg for bread or fight the government for not creating jobs for them or giving them enabling environment to thrive.

Nigerian graduate youths have now stooped so humble to do the works of ordinary people on the street to put food at the table and yet,all one man,Mr.President could say in public was that these hardworking youths trying to make ends meet and thrive under hardship are lazy. 

This is unfair and Mr. President of Nigeria must apologize for this or risk his political success in future!

The power of economy lies in the hands of the youths! The strength of the nation also lies on the youths! What does Mr.President mean when he said at the Common Wealth that Nigerian youths are lazy?

I,you,and everyone expects president Mohammadu Buhari to settle the course!!!

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