'' I am Ending Our 2 Weeks Marriage Because My Wife Is Extravagant''

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Extravagant woman.

How could someone think of ending a marriage that is as young as two weeks simply because his wife is extravagant?

Is he just finding out that his wife is extravagant? Did his wife learn to be extravagant in just one night?

This is the problem with some men who quickly get attracted to ''shine shine'' ladies out there! When they see a lady in red,blue and green,they quickly conclude that these are the only kind of women any man can be proud of any day,anytime,anywhere.

Yes,trust our beautiful and bold ladies out there who would never change their attitude or bend for any man. Kudos to these kind of women!

You know,one thing about extravagant women is that they don't pretend or hide what they are. When you see them,you would know they are extravagant. Therefore,any man who knows he is not very capable and still goes ahead in getting married to extravagant woman is looking for her troubles.

There is a story of an electrician who went after one extravagant lady in his area. This lady was described to me as someone who doesn't give a damn to what people say about her. She could do anything with anyone to get the kinds of shoes,clothing and bags she ever wanted.

The electrician in question who later got married to her was very aware of this and still proceeded.

After getting married to her,he thought that the lady would change and follow the situation at home. But no,he got it wrong! 

You cannot get an extravagant woman to your house and expect her to manage little or no resources. They are extravagant women!

Before you know it,the electrician ran away from his house to somewhere he may not be found. The extravagant woman would cook and dry the pot while her husband only watch along. This was what she kept doing anytime she asked for money and her husband did not give her up to her demand. That is extravagant woman for you!

To the man who wants to end his marriage because he got married to extravagant woman,who sent you in the first place? In fact,you are going no where.  and neither is she leaving as well!

I mean,there are still homes with extravagant women that have survived the test of time and still enjoy wonderful marriages.

The point is: There are men who are made to marry extravagant women! These kind of women are not just for any man but for certain men! 

Extravagant women are for men who love their lifestyle,and are ready to spend on their needs,anytime!

If you marry extravagant woman and soon become frustrated,it is your fault! That means,you were never made to marry her kind of person!

Remember,there is nothing wrong with extravagant women. It's just their kind of persons just as we have other kinds of people with various attitudes and lifestyles!!!

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