How Long Should Woman Tolerate Domestic Violence?

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 Photo: Late singer Alizee and daughter.

The story of late singer Alizee a 37 year old lady  and mother of 4 year old promising daughter who died on the 5th day of April,2018 with her daughter,shows that there should be a limit to how long a woman should tolerate domestic violence!

The death of singer Alizee would have been prevented,and she would have saved her own life,if she had placed some limit on her domestic tolerance.

Singer Alizee was killed by her 53 year old husband,Peter Nelson right in their house at flat 17,block 4 apartment,Banana Island,Lagos.

From police detection,Singer Alizee and her daughter were first killed in their bedroom and later,the murderer dragged their corpses to the kitchen.

Prior to her death however,her 13 year old little sister told the police that her elder sister,singer Alizee was heard crying out bitterly on the early hour of the morning before she was murdered by her husband!

Could you notice something? She was crying bitterly earlier before she was murdered. That means she endured more tolerance than she could take. She saw pains,she was roughly manhandled by her husband,she must have been pinned down and because she could not think of running away from the house,because she decided to remain subject to her husband,she lost her life!

How long should woman tolerate domestic violence?

Then I want to ask you: If someone opposes you with violence,coming to you with weapons such as knife,broken bottle,or having a gun in his hand would any body have to tell you to pick race before you do? Let alone your husband!

The truth is that the day singer Alizee died of domestic violence was not the first time she was attacked by her husband. She must have suffered it many times until the day she could not make it anymore.

Singer Alizee died as a result of her long tolerance of domestic violence!

Maybe you do not know that anyone who comes with violence means to take your life. Yes,violence,is threat to life!

Take a look at police report following their investigation below:

''On the 5th day of April, 2018, at about 11am, the Lagos state police command received a complaint from the Facility Manager of Bellavista Tower, Banana Island, Mr.Kunle  Kukoyi, that at about 7am of 5th April, 2018, he was informed by 13 year-old Miss Gift Madaki that she heard her elder sister, Late Mrs Zainab Nelson, 37 years old, crying in the early hours of the morning as  she was being manhandled  by her husband, one Mr. Peter Nelson, a 53-year old  citizen of Denmark. The little girl estimated the time she heard her sister's cry to be 0345hours. 
Based on the report, the Command mobilised its Crime Scene Detectives to the location pari passu the medics from Britannia hospital, Lekki Phase one Lagos.  Together they went to  Flat 17, Block 4 apartment of the Nelsons.
Two bodies, identified as that of  Zainab Nelson and her 3 years old baby, Petral  Nelson were found in the kitchen. The doctor and his team inspected the bodies and confirmed them dead.  
Preliminary investigation conducted at the scene revealed that the violence that consumed the deceased persons started in the couple's bedroom but the bodies were dragged to the kitchen. 
On closer examination, visible marks of violence were seen on the bodies. 
The corpses were photographed and evacuated to Lagos Island General Hospital for autopsy.
Meanwhile, letters has been sent to the embassy of Denmark intimating it that Lagos State Police Command is investigating Mr Peter Nelson, a citizen of Denmark for an alleged case of murder. 
Dear woman married to a lover of violence,do not wait or give a second chance to your husband who beats you up with weapons. If you tolerate it twice,you are asking him to continue doing any such harms he likes to you.A violent man doesn't know pity! Use your senses!!!

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