''Prayer Doesn't Change Things Like Relationships,You Have To Change Things Yourself!''- Tolani

''Prayer Doesn't Change Things Like Relationships,You Have To Change Things Yourself!''- Tolani-Tolani

This is for all you ladies and gentle men out there who would rather put it in God's hands than make efforts! Who told you that God loves a lazy hand? That he yearns to help and help such like ones? 

You have a problem,your boyfriend complains about your attitude wanting to quit the relationship and all you could do is start praying,asking God to change things for you. Never!You have to change things yourself!

And you are a student and want to pass your exam and you are praying asking God to pass you while you are busy gallivanting. You would fail because God is not partial.You must do things,change things yourself!

Hey,stop making it look like prayer is bad or that God does not hear prayers. He does,and prayer is such a powerful medium that can help solve difficult situations! But first,you must pray with right motive!

 Again,did he suddenly show indifference? Not interested in you any more? Then pray for wisdom to follow it. Ask God to help you follow the situation! You need wisdom you need strength from above to unfollow any man who says it is over. You need to learn to leave a dried leaf be! You cannot resurrect the dead!

I know many people in relationship aren't enjoying the impacts. Sometimes they don't even know if they are in relationships or not and so,all they just want is a miracle from heaven to make everything work out. Unfortunately and yes,very disappointing,things don't work that way.

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Some times,you need to check yourself. Maybe,the fault is from you and you are expecting God to cast spell on your faultless boyfriend who has done no bad to change. Is it plausible? Does it make sense? Aren't you wasting your time?

ladies and gentlemen,prayer doesn't change things always,you have to change things yourself sometimes!!!

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