Do All Women Need ''Man's Figure'' In Their Lives? You Need To Find Out Here!

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Women and security. friend was so arguing with me on the issue of what women really want from their men.He disagrees that it is actually giving them the right to make their decisions,live their lives at their own will without any control by man. Then he says: All women want is ''man's figure''!

My friend didn't say 'man figure' but 'man's figure',suggesting that not every woman would eventually need a man as husband,but that at least,every woman must need man's security and a man on her side! Really,do all women need man's figure in their lives?

If my friend,yes my super fan and reader says that all women need man's figure in their lives such as security and the sense of having a man on their sides is he not also saying that every woman must need a man in her life?

He talks about security that men could provide and I ask 'how'? Are men soldiers or security guards? If he does not mean physical security,let's say it is material security, Is my good friend saying that every man is materially capable by at least 95% less women,that every woman would need man's security?

This is where I seriously disagree with him! Yes,he has financial muscle,his pocket is rich,and he gives his wife ''man's figure'' enough but what my friend didn't recognize is that there are just a hand full of men who could take care of women's needs materially! Again,do all women need ''man's figure'' in their lives?

Remember,over 50% of women are now in school,building a stronger and better future. Over 50% of women again are in labor market as men are,struggling for the same thing and more women,every year secure gainful employment than men. In fact,it now takes the influence of women in certain areas to help men,either they are their sons,or boyfriends or brothers,or husbands gain access to employment. Women are now seen as the bedrock,and pillars in virtually all the household on earth!  Forget an industrious woman by your side and you will fall to your very face! 

Finally my good friend,do all women need ''man's figure'' like seriously in their lives???

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