''You Cannot Escape The Responsibility Of Tomorrow By Evading It Today.'' Is Yemi Alade Talking To Boyfriend?

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Yemi Eberechi Alade.

Well I think Yemi Alade is talking to phlegmatic here! Those who don't bother how much they are doing,those whose poor conditions don't blink any measure of concern to them.

Even among lovers too,those boyfriends who would not want to give any attention to issues causing disagreement or quarrels with their girlfriends. Yes,you cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today! This is coming from Yemi Alade,the Igbo Yoruba girl in Nigeria.

But seriously,let's not go to the phlegmatic people because their failure of having or living irresponsible life today we know will always result to doom,truancy,and nuisances tomorrow.

Let us talk about phlegmatic boyfriends! My good friend whose name I would not mention here used to have one one phlegmatic boyfriend in those days. He was always reluctant and unwilling to do necessary things responsibly. 

How could someone be in a relationship without calling his girlfriend to know how she was doing? That was the type of boyfriend my very good friend had. And you know what? Each time the girl called him to check on him,he would say: ''Sorry o,don't be angry with me that I did not call you all this while... ''

He said he loved his girl and seriously,whenever the his girl tried to leave him because of his irresponsible behavior,he would realize himself,and start doing it right. Then after sometime,he would cool off  again and do the worse!

To shorten their story,they kept on having one issue after another and he would never want to talk about any of them. He would laugh over it,and think it is gone! One night,their relationship disappeared into the tin air.

Dear phlegmatic boyfriend,you cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today! Yemi Alade,the only Igbo and Yoruba girl is telling you this and I am telling you the more so!

If you like,when you have misunderstanding with your girlfriend today,leave it,laugh over it,don't settle it . Hey! Remember,any issue not settled  to die off today is kept for your future tomorrow! Yea,you will definitely meet it tomorrow!

And if you are a parent and fail to take charge of your responsibility of your household today,tomorrow you will have many nuts to crack! Your children will flee and abandon you,they will never behave like they ever have you because of your irresponsibility!

Phlegmatic men and parents,you cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today! Na true talk!!!

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