Can Chimamanda Adichie Survive This Attack From Women Folk?

Dear Chimamanda, you?aren?t a feminist if u are telling a female what to do, let women live how they want - Dencia
Chimamanda Adichie and Dencia.

Just on Sunday night,the 22nd day of April 2018 in one interview with the former First Lady of the United States of America,Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie questioned Hilary Clinton on why she places so much interest on being identified and recognized as a ''wife'' instead of on other achievements.

To get the intelligent reply of Hilary Clinton to her,please read here:

Not only did Hilary Clinton  reply to Chimamanda,even Chimamamda Adichies' fans and passersby  frown and complain about the way she is taking the feminism issue!

Below is a singer Dencia's reaction on twitter to Chimamamda Adichie on this issue of married women not to be identified as wives:

Dear Chimamanda,you aren’t a feminist if you are telling a female what to do. Weirdest thing is, chimanda’s followers I know don’t know she’s married with a kid. I can bet $10k she cooks, cleans, feeds her husband & is the average african woman at home. Let women live how they want'.

 Dencia may be right you know?

But wait,is Dencia saying that while Chimamamda is working so hard to keep her family in good shape,she is out to make women who listen to her have problems with their husbands and families?

Dear Chimamanda Adichie,is this really true of you???

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