But Is This Wise? See Reasons Why Mother Of 3 Refuses To Legalize Her Marriage With Her Husband

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A sad wife.

You see,while there are many women out there begging day and night that their husbands and father of their children legalize their marriage,there comes a woman,a mother of 3 children whose husband  and in-laws all together have been begging to legalize her marriage in court with her husband and yet,she refuses.

Who on earth is this woman and why would a mother refuse to legalize her marriage in this system? In this age of our time? This is her story,and see the reason why a mother of 3 children refuses to legalize her marriage:

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“I got pregnant nine years ago while dating my current husband and then the issue of marriage came up.
I wasn’t working then. He told my family and I that he doesn’t want a court marriage for no reason.
My parents tried talking to him, I cried and begged him severally to legalize his marriage with me but he stood his grounds not to wed me in a court.
I involved his family members to help me beg him but they said, he’s old enough to make his decisions.
He even refused to do a white wedding either because my church requested for a court certificate, so we ended up doing only traditional marriage.
I later got tired and gave up on the matter. I was hurt and broken but I resolved to marry him like that just to save myself and my family the shame of having a baby outside wedlock.
My dad was angry and disappointed in him but he didn’t care and because of that my dad vowed to see me a successful and independent woman with or without him.
After I gave birth to my baby, my dad helped me secure a job with a multinational company and things started to turn around for me.
I could now take care of myself and secure a future.
Though I married my husband but I never forgave him from my heart and it made me not to do anything in my husband’s name.
We currently have three kids together but all my properties are in the name of my children. I never used him as my next of kin either.
Just last month my company decided to transfer me to a branch in Texas and the company is willing to pay for my entire family to relocate with me.
My husband’s business is not doing too well and he’s willing to relocate also but we have no legal certificate to show that we are married.
Now he wants us to go to the court to legalize our marriage and I have said “No” My dad has threatened to disown me if I ever go with him to court.
He’s been tagging me everywhere as a bad wife who is not loyal to her husband, spoiling my family also.
He’s family members have been calling me trying to persuade me but I told them I’m old enough to make my decisions also and I have stood my ground just like he did to me nine years ago.”
Our dear rare mind.having listen to her story,what advice would you give this mother of 3 children who refuses to legalize her marriage with her husband of 9 years?
Here,we like to advise this young mother to legalize her marriage with her husband. 
Yes it is obvious that her husband of 9 years has been selfish all along to her,for not ever wanting to legalize their marriage in the first place when his wife and the father of his wife were begging and encouraging him to do so.
My dear woman,two wrongs can never make a right! Your husband did you wrong yes,but should you also do the same to him?
Then where is the love? The evidence that you people are in perfect bond of union as one flesh,one body?
If you don't legalize your marriage with your husband because he refused to do the same years back and wants to do it now because he has opportunity to enjoy from you now what becomes of you if you relocate to Texas with your children and his  children without him?
Is this really want you want? Living without your husband because your father threatens to disown you?
Remember your owner now is your husband! Forgive him and let him live in his guilty conscience of not ever making you happy when he had every reason to do so! Forgive him too because,while some men would deny the pregnancies of their girlfriends and choose to marry other ladies in abandonment of their ex,he chose to marry you completely as his wife and the mother of his unborn children!
What would you gain by refusing to legalize your marriage with your husband,not relocating to Texas with him?Nothing!
Your father is your father and not your husband. If he really loves you as much as you feel he does,let him look for ways to make you have a good relationship with your husband!
Yes,you are now financially robust,but money is not enough! You need your husband and your children need their father! Can't you see that with your mind's eye? 
You need to remind your father of all these and ask him to please help you build your own home and achieve a happy marriage there  ever after!!!

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