''I am Open To Love And I Pray For Life Partner'' -Actress Eucharia Anuobi See Full details!

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Who would believe that a woman of 52 years old although formerly married would still be interested in another marriage?

There is something about Eucharia Anuobi you never knew! The fact that she loves to have companions that would make her day! It seems her happiness is all about people and not about her achievement!

When she got married to Charles Ekwu,she had a child Raymond Ekwu and valued him more than anyone else. Unfortunately,that son of hers that meant the whole world for her died last year and her life seems to be so shattered! Till today,the large empty vacuum that came as a result of  the lost of her son is still left to be filled! Actress Eucharia Anuobi is seriously searching for a life partner,and she says,her heart is opened for love again!

These are her very words: 

“To keep myself happy I read the work of God. I pray and I am also schooling. I am involved in a lot of work, I am very busy. I am open to love but at the right time. God who is the author and finisher of my faith has great plans for me.
Why not? I am open to love. There is no one who has been created and would say that they do not want a partner, so why not?  I pray for a partner and I know my partner would come at God’s appointed time. Why not, I am open. I love reading and cooking; I also love cleaning and washing. I love driving as well despite the Lagos traffic. I love taking care of people and giving out things''.
Ordinarily,a woman of Eucharia's kind would mind being without a man! Could she be wanting a life partner at 52 because she is now into church ministry?  Does being a minister of God require a woman to have a husband? What if no man ever comes for marriage,would it be a mark of disqualification?  So what can we conclude?
Okay,when Eucharia Anuobi was asked how she would feel if she has another child because,obviously,she values her baby more than anyone else,this is what she said:

“You are going too far with your questions but if my partner comes and I get pregnant again, we would give glory to God.”
So what can we conclude? You know your heart! All we know is that Eucharia Anuobi is ready for love again. ''I am open to love and I pray for life partner'',she says!!!

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