Would Anyone Blame This Boy Who Killed His Parent For This Reason?

Photo of the couple killed by their own son because they refused to pay tuition fee

Is murder bad because God says no one should kill? Is there no kind of murder that is just and justified? Would anyone blame this boy who killed his parent for this reason? We know you are already asking ''for what reason?'' But don't worry,we would tell you. 

A young boy,who now is 19 years old killed his mother and father because they refused to pay his school fees. His name is James Eric Davis.

It doesn't make sense to you right? Of course it is bad to kill! We know.

According to the boy's friend,the incidence took place in the University dormitory when his parent,Mr. Mrs. Davis visited him to let him know that they would no longer continue to pay his school fees. they advised their 19 year old son to take up  student loan and finish up his education by himself. What is your reaction to this?

But before you react,see the reason for the parent of the 19 year old boy for asking their son to take up student loan for his school fees: 

“Eric’s parents wanted to stop paying his tuition so that they could save for retirement. Eric was upset that they asked him to take out a student loan.”

So that is it. Eric's parent wanted to save for their retirement rather than save for their son's future!

You know,there are actually parents who are this stupid as Eric's parent are. All they want is to please themselves forgetting the sucklings of their bellies.

I men,how could you give birth without planning for his future? Is The future of one's child not also the future of one's parent? Of what benefit will one's retirement be if one's child is useless,stranded and helpless in future? Indeed some parents are sick and senseless!

Would anyone blame this boy who killed his parent for this reason?Can certain murder not be just?

Well,there are children who would never mind the selfish attitude of their parents and move on with their lives,but not Eric Davis. He solely believes that the man and the woman who brought him to this earth must by themselves give and support his future especially as they are healthy,hearty and financially capable otherwise,they should not live.

Now there is problem. Eric killed his parent for failing to pay his school fees and sponsor his education which he loves so much than anything else and was fighting so hard to secure and now he will lose it. He is 19 years old and this means,he will be spending,probably all his life in prison to pay for the life he took with his own gun!

Sorry Eric that you have stupid and uncaring parent,and so so sorry,you were pushed by some sorts of emotion to kill your parent, for their negligence of their responsibilities,making you to live the life of a prisoner!!! 

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