Why We Have More Single Ladies These Days

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Home or Abroad,Africa or America down to Europe,there are more single ladies seen than men. Our single ladies are interested in getting married but the men are scared of marriage.

When you visit America,the fear of men getting married is because they wouldn't want their properties shared 50:50 when divorce issue comes in. In Africa,the cost of marriage is so expensive that men over there prefer to remain single or have baby mamas who would give them what they want. This is why we have more single ladies these days!

We understand that in Africa,in Nigeria,especially,buoyant and financial stable ladies who are still single are ready to sponsor their boyfriends to marry them,and yet,men out there are not just interested  in marriage.

Just take a look at every wedding event and you would find out that brides are usually more happy than grooms on the the occasion. Why? Because,at last,they have succeeded in getting their boyfriends walk down the aisle!

A woman would provide the money and sponsor her own marriage,she would be in fore front of everything just to make it work,and yet,the man would still not be happy that this is happening. Men why?

In Africa too,men are really scared of getting married,being the reason why we have more single ladies these days. This is because,in African countries,communism is the order of the day,where a man who marries a woman from one family would be responsible for the entire family of his wife! How possible? How would such men survive financial responsibilities and implications involved?

In most cases as we have seen,the women who are married into their husbands' home would open a wide door for her people to come live with them,making their husbands uncomfortable,in their own house! Is marriage now a curse,or blessing to these men? Why would what should bring joy bring sadness and dissatisfaction?

If you read the Scriptures,you would find out that the book of Isaiah 4:1 says: '' 

''In that day seven women will take hold of one man and say, “We will eat our own food and provide our own clothes; only let us be called by your name. Take away our disgrace!”

Men,why are you still not interested in marriage? Why are you people making this the reason why we have more single ladies these days?

Look,that prophecy is fulfilling and single ladies are asking you not to give them your food or your money! They would eat theirs and even sponsor you in everything,but just marry them and let them bear your name!!

Other than this,what else could make you men not be interested in marriage? Please tell us!!!

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