What You Didn't Know You Should Know About Masturbation

There is something a lot of people don't know is masturbation. There is another thing masturbation is that many out there are yet to know. It is not the effects,it is not the consequences of masturbation!

Is masturbation for example,when one is feeling s*xual urge?  You know it is very natural for a man,woman and teenagers to feel like having some touches somewhere up or down the body,for someone to be caressed.But is this what masturbation is all about? No,no,no! It is not!

Masturbation is stimulation of one's own genital,for s*xual arousal usually to the point of orgasm.

You see the point? Masturbation doesn't come on its own. One goes there and invites it.

I mean,how could someone of all what to do sit or stand up,only to be romancing his or her genital organs to stand or feel wet when there is no opposite s*x to give you the satisfaction? Your intent is to do it yourself? Is it not crazy?

More silly though is that over 90% of people who masturbate are the people who try to stay away or avoid s*x. Some of them are virgins,others are who try to make themselves eunuch by not having s*x with anyone.

Is it any possible that someone would not want to have s*x and all he could do to successfully avoid it is to stimulate his or her s*xual organ? If the s*xual organ is finally stimulated,what next? Is it to abandon the feelings and lie down float waiting for the arrival of organism or satisfaction? Is this not insanity?

According to one report,masturbation is one noxious practice that corrupts teenagers like no other thing. Masturbation can lead a young boy or girl into having s*x without the influence of peers. Masturbation can quickly make the sufferer beg,not only for attention of opposite s*x,but for the action.

Yes,what you don't know you should know about masturbation is that someone can remain without the urge to have s*x if one does not masturbate. Masturbation can make even a eunuch,a person who vows never to have s*x go begging for it.

Again,some claim that masturbation is the best way a man can know if he is still a man! Then I say '' If a man sees a woman attracted to him and he does not feel anything inside low,then he should have known. Such a man doesn't have to masturbate to be sure.
Masturbation is not planted,neither is it in the body to make you want to have s*x,but one stimulates and arouses oneself to have the feelings for s*x by masturbating!!!

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