Tips On How To Glow In Marriage Everyday.

Tips On How To Glow In Marriage Everyday.  Image result for marriage

You heard that marriage  is not as sweet as relationship is most times. You also heard that in marriage,a married woman is still somehow seen as a some how visitor and of course she also feels the same way too in the very first few years of her being married into a family. One doesn't fully become a part of a family as soon as she is married,even though she is fully a member of the family by marriage! It really takes sometime to build and mature.
How could a  married woman keeping glowing in marriage everyday?

   Tips on how to glow in marriage,everyday!

Quite understandable,it was a really hard work a married woman put in her relationship before she finally got married to her man. Everyday of her life in the relationship with her boyfriend,she was her best to maintain appeal in his eyes and finally got him as her husband. 
Dear wifey,to glow in marriage everyday,you should:

  • Continue to be your best to your husband and your new family. 

  • Avoid the ugly stupidity of changing your attitude from being whom they feel you are to something else terrible,simply because you have come in,and you are there to stay.

  • Always remember that small gifts go a long way to prove you care.From time to time,buy your hubby some gifts and do not forget being nice other members of your family as well.Do this and you will always be cherished.

  • You heard that some women neglect their duties as wives simply because they have been married and they have children. It is unreasonable dear wifey to feel because you have children,you can now choose to be stupid and selfish,closing all access doors from your in-laws. No,avoid it!

  • The joy of marriage is being loved and being happy with everyone that makes up the family. Remember,they have the deepest root in the family,you are an added joy to it!

  • Why did he love you before he proposed to you and married you?  Keep being it and you will glow in marriage everyday.

  • Let fun and humor surround you be open and approachable, and everyone around you shall bless you and solidify your foundation in your newly found family and then you will glow in marriage.

  • You heard they say that the way to man's heart is through his stomach. Do not forget: ''food is not every thing for man.'' Neither is sex! Good attitudes make him eat the food you bring and make him relax in bed every night with you!
Like a good student that wants to succeed in school,read and continue to understand your new family,those that will help you succeed in your marriage. Work along with them and always give your cooperation to them and you will glow in marriage!!!!

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