This Is Why He Won't Change

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A lot of ladies are into troubles. Both married and single. The troubles of their partners,boyfriends or husbands,not being willing to change!

This is more painful however for single ladies who are still dating. The fear of losing the ones they love makes them want to endure whatever their partners do. And a single lady will always wish is  already married to her man so that even if he swears never to change,at least she would know she is already into marriage where she would have to endure whatever that comes her way.

Why would he not want to change even when he sees you are not happen with his attitude?

This is why he won't change. 

According to Dr Melody Rhode,functional fixedness is one of the reasons why your partner won't change.

''This phrase describes a man who will never be motivated by his wife’s pain; he’s only motivated by his pain. For change to occur, he has to feel his own discomfort. He doesn’t like hearing you tell him you’re not happy; in fact, it probably irritates him. But if the pain necessary for him to change is greater than the pain of putting up with your occasional expressed frustration, he simply endures the verbal outbursts as “the cost of being married” and will put the entire episode out of his mind as soon as it’s over.''

So there are actually men who would never feel bad if their women are saddened by their behavior? What do we call that? Husband? Boyfriend? lovers?

Secondly,any man who does not really want to have you in a serious relationship won't change his attitude towards you. A beautiful sign you should let him alone . So what are you waiting for?

There are actually men,none conformists whose attitudes are always right in their own eyes. No matter your suggestions,advice and pleas,they won't change for the better of you. That is their own way of showing '' I am a man''!

Again are people who strongly believe that everyone has right to live his live to the fullest regardless of how others may feel otherwise. Yes,these ones,whether to their wives or their girlfriends won't change even if you are weeping or sighing.

My dear lady,if you find yourself involved in a relationship with a man who won't change his ugly behavior,forget it and live your life freely.

Your happiness simply lies in your own hands!!!

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