This Is Why Dr. Celine Njoku Condemns Divorce,Talks About Endurance And More!

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The moment we understand that some people have considered relationships,the affairs between boyfriends and girlfriends to be more enjoyable and sweeter than marriage,some have zeroed their minds from making marriage relationship work at all. At any slightest problem that can be solved,they just jump out of marriage,as if there is any better one kept,out there!

Divorce is allowed for married couples no doubt,but only when one of them commits s*xual immorality. However,there is alternative for this instead of divorce. Forgiveness! If possible,if unfaithfulness is the only problem one's partner has,if the culprit shows he or she is remorseful,the other partner could show mercy and help his or her partner to make up!

''Divorce is never an answer''! says one relationship counselor. However,another marriage and relationship counselor,Dr. Celine Njoku says more: 

''We are getting everything wrong. I think these are the problems we are having divorce.
“Divorce should not be in the agenda. To start with, majority of us are Christians. We are lacking tolerance.
“Then, we should be able to tolerate; we should be able to overcome anger. In the beginning, God saw all these things and say for better or worse.
“Some people are 60 years in marriage. Are they superhuman? They are not. They passed through all these troubles.
‘’Marriage is sweet. At the same time bitter and at the end you come out glorified,’’ she said.
But that's true! You know I would never lie to you or deceive you. Marriage could be endured. That annoying partner of yours could also be tolerated and helped. You can forgive him if your heart is zeroed out from leaving your marriage.Again, if your partner cheats on you and you understand why,you,you could forgive and show some tolerance.
If you divorce your partner,your marriage would have failed. Then you wouldn't be able to fulfill your marriage vow: ''For better or for worse,until death do you apart''!
 This is strictly for people who are married and tied in the bond of love,and not pseudo or s*xual partners,who cohabit as couples or those who walk about as match mates.
Those who are really married know that they have really come for marriage,and they are ready to stay in it no matter what!
TO think about: Divorce tears marriage and family apart,it denies there is ever true love that could never die!! 
And you know the worst in divorce? When you divorce your partner,your heart would never decease from him or her. It would always recall and remind you of your past love and existence with him or her. Yes, your former partner never dies in your heart!! !

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