This Is What To Do If You Have Desperate Cheating Husband

This Is What To Do If You Have Desperate Cheating Husband-People, Happy, Happiness, Couple
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To say that ones husband is desperately cheating is to say that ones husband cheats intentionally! Yes,there are actually husbands who cheats desperately or intentionally,just to hurt their wives.

An example is a man whose wife had never been a good one to him. According to the man,what he got in his marriage,was not what he saw before tying the knot. He confessed: ''That woman is a mirage''!
 The man in question here came from a christian home. Yes,he fears God and keeps his commandments. Here he has a wife who tortures him to his nerves.

All the man who fears God has to do is to endure his wife till the end unless s*xual immorality is committed in the marriage. Then he thought of it and said to himself: ''If I commit adultery I will be set free from his wicked woman but will face a punishment of God for committing adultery. Yes,I prefer to be punished by God,my creator than to be punished by a woman whom I married with my own money''.

So the man intentionally committed adultery with another woman and he got divorced,being free from his wife.

What should you do if your husband intentionally cheats on you? 

  • It is very simple.  But first,remove every toxic reasoning from your mind. Do not try to engage in fight with your husband's cheating mate,or try to poison your husband.

  • Find out what bad you have done or committed that he is giving back to you by desperately or intentionally cheating on you with another woman.

Is his reason reasonable? Is it true of what he said to you? Did you feel sorry about it? If your answers are resounding yes,then you pushed your husband to desperately cheat on you.

  • Apologize to your husband and agree that you are at fault. And you know what? If your husband loves you and really values your place as his wife,he will also be sorry for his actions.

Now that you have made your husband feel sorry for his action,what should you do?

  • Again it is very simple. Start changing to what he loves to see about you without reservations.

  • When at work,call him to know how he is doing.Ask him what he will like for lunch and if possible,if you both could have lunch together.

  • At work too,call your husband to find out what he will like to have at dinner. Give him choices of meals he enjoys and let him choose. In this way,you are making your husband to look forward to coming home immediately after work.

  • Does your husband return home at different hours? Then call him each day to find out what time he will be home. Tell him the reason for asking him is to know when to make his meal and that you want it served warm and fresh for him. In this way,he wouldn't feel  you are checking on his movement or monitory him.

  • Many women who want to help their husband stop cheating on them usually send their husbands romantic text messages,reminding them how much they are still loved! This is fantastic ladies!
Are you surprised that we did not say you should divorce your husband or separate from him if he intentionally cheats on you? Yes,divorce or separation is not the solution. In fact.if you go into it,you will have paved way,a wide open way for that woman to proudly take your position.

Remember it is a desperate cheating husband,a husband who intentionally cheats on you that we are talking about here. Remember too that a desperate cheating husband  is cheating on you to hurt you for treating him badly.

It is therefore on your part to correct things and make him act faithfully!!!

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