This Is What The Concept Of Sugar Daddy Has Changed To. For Young Girls Only

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In those days,when one hears about ''sugar daddy'' the picture that comes to mind is one very old man,going out with a very young lady on a date,not as his daughter or wife to be,but as a s*xual partner.

The date on which the very old man goes on with a very young lady old enough to be his daughter or even grand daughter as the case may be is not for the purpose of marriage nor a means to help poor girls realize good future for themselves. It is centered more on what the girls give to old men and what old haggard men receive from the body of these young girls,for their money.

Sugar daddies are known for the numerous huge ways they spoil young girls who agree to go out with them as romantic friends and bed partners outside their wives knowledge.

A sugar daddy must be exceptionally rich and ever willing to spend massively on their girls otherwise they are not worth being with. It is only a sugar daddy that can buy a beautiful and expensive mansion,a latest car,and send his girl he would never get married to abroad for shopping and holidays the ways she wants it without feeling stupid. This is why the concept of sugar daddy succeeds and young girls lose their values for engaging in relationships with  men who could ruin their future because of money and riches.

Originally,a sugar was qualified by his age and money,but now the concept has changed. According to Beat FM OAP Dami Elebe,sugar daddy is now qualified by his money and not by his age!

Does this mean that if a young boy from affluent home could offer to his girl massive material things from his pocket and from what he gets at home,he has become a sugar daddy?

If OAP says that sugar daddy is qualified by his money and not by his age,does he also mean that an old woman can have a young boy as old as her son or grandson as her own sugar daddy based on what the little boy can offer her in cash?

Then,that means that the concept of sugar daddy is such a disgraceful thing to think about!The biggest insanity practice anyone can think of. In fact,sugar daddy concept is next to gay practice which although everyone frowns at,,but it's still an acceptable practice in our time.

Simply put: There is no love attached in the issue of sugar daddy relationships! Money,wealth and riches are the most primary and important things about it!!!

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