This Is How To Cope With Abusive Boyfriend. Ladies Watch It

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Did we just say : ''This is how to cope with abusive boyfriend and not how to deal with them?'' Yes,we did,and we really mean so.

You know,some of you out there would be like: How could monikmotivational advice someone to cope with her boyfriend if he is abusive? Should she rather not have advised one to leave or let go any boyfriend who is abusive?

Well,the truth is there is a point in a relationship where no one has right to leave but to stay just as there is in marriage. I mean,how could someone be in a relationship for a month,6 month and up to a year or more, enduring an abusive boyfriend and decide to leave at this point? 

One good thing about abusive relationship or abusive boyfriends is that they don't pretend. Unlike the other kind of people whose bad side of life shows once in a while that the receiver of the abuse would say: What? Is this who you are? I never knew this.... '',abusive boyfriend would often show it up even in the very days or weeks of knowing his girl. Read more: This Is What To Do If You Have Desperate Cheating Husband

Humans are born with different temperaments. Among which is melancholic,sanguine and phlegmatic. One of these temperament is characterized by sadism,which in turn produces abusiveness. Some people,are some how naturally abusive!

This is how to cope with abusive boyfriend 

  • Whenever his anger flares up,know that he is in a bad mood. Control your anger and think of what to do to calm tension.

  • When your boyfriend begins to wrath,that time you know he is about to raise his hand just say ''Again''? and wave your head like you are saying '' I am sorry for you'' and then lie down on the bed scolded. This will automatically weaken him and drop down his hand.

  • Do not show your muscles even if you have some or in any way tell him he can't do anything. An abusive person can do anything at any time especially when he is infuriated with challenges.

  • To prevent an abusive boyfriend from abusing you,always do your best to ensure you are not found wanting in your responsibility. Always do your best to shot his mouth and leave him marveled about what kind of person you are. 

  • Know your temperament. Are you quick to anger too? Are you hot tempered? Then,you should have nothing to do with an abusive boyfriend no matter how much you love him.You will some day burn down a shelter that covers you if you do !

  • An abusive boyfriend is won over with mildness of mind. This quality is a gift and not everyone has it. Use it if you have it!

  • You must not raise your voice on him even if he is wrong.  Reach out to him only when he is calm mildly and then correct wrong impression.

Since abusiveness is triggered by disappointment,irritation,and insulting  attitudes,ladies who are mild tempered should always try their best possible to avoid anything that could trigger abusiveness from boyfriend!!!

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