Supporting Your Man Is Not An Option But A Duty!

Supporting Your Man Is Not An Option But A Duty! -Image result for supportive wife

Now get it right! We are not talking about a boyfriend or someone you call a fiance simply because he has said he will marry you,or someone you have been in relationship with for years. 

We are talking about your man,your own husband!

I was so surprised when I heard about a married woman asking her mother if she could support her man,her own husband in his building project.

No,you don't get it. What I am saying is this: A married woman came to her mother and asked her whether she should support her husband with some money to enable him build their house. Their own house where she will live and enjoy some comfort.

Surprisingly too,her mother asked her daughter: ''What do you think? Do you think you should do that? Would that make him feel you are financially buoyant?'' And I was also shocked! Someone owns husband!

Supporting your husband is not an option but a duty! You are married to him and you both are now one! What does he have that does not actually belong to you? What will your husband achieve that you will not benefit from? What is his that is not yours? And you are asking whether you should support your husband or not? May God judge you and do you fine!

Supporting one's husband is the principal and primary duty of a wife for your information! When God created the first marriage on earth,he gave the man a wife to be his helper and complement. That is the purpose of a woman in the life of any man as a wife! Support him,help him to succeed!

Selfishness has always been the major problem certain women have in supporting their husband. The fear of letting their husband know how much they have,how fat their pocket is,and their financial strength by supporting him!  Your own husband?

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Support goes a long way to bring success and achievement in a family. If you do not want your own family to achieve success and grow,continue being selfish to your man.

Supporting your man is one way a wife can prove she loves her husband and has really come to stay with him.

Supporting your husband is giving him the strength he needs to succeed in his plans for the family.

Supporting your man is a way of proving you are a God send to him,his wife and his helper!

Dear wife,supporting your man is an evidence you are in marriage with your him!!

Supporting your man is not an option but a duty!!!

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