Should Married Couples Involve In Porn Watch?

Many naive ladies out there have been advised by friends to seriously get involved in porn watch in order to learn how to satisfy their partners in bed.

Some men too who are still virgins,who have never had s*x in their entire lives before have been asked to do the same in order to save themselves embarrassment of not knowing how to do it,and make their women enjoy s*xual life!

To all of these novices and naives,pornography is the lesson center where those wishing to satisfy all s*xual requirement to make one's partner in bed happy and at the verge of asking for more go to.

The questions: Do those in porn films or tape you watch at one corner in secret enjoy s*x they have? Do the porn stars,those ladies who are usually smashed and wumbled  in bed testify they too enjoy s*x with bully partners? Should married couples involve in porn watch?

Let's also visit the neighborhood. Our mothers and aunties who have and enjoy s*x with their partners in rooms,do they show it shouting and groaning in pains? Do neighbors get worried or disturbed each time they are having s*x? What are we saying?

Should married couples involve in porn watch? For some of you who have never watched or seen porn for the first time,this is what a 19 year old lady who have watched porn for 11 years says about porn:

‘I think I definitely lost control of my sexuality watching the really violent porn and things like bestiality.’

The lady said she thought it was normal for relationships to be abusive, and that she’d been sexually assaulted ‘several times’ by her partners. This is because,she would always want her partners to do it the way they see it done in porn only to find out in reality that it is not sweet or good imitating.

'Retrospectively I wish I’d never seen it.’

I just would like to have a respectful, equal relationship,’ Rebecca said. ‘And a life where I feel good about myself and my sexuality and I can engage in sex in a really healthy, respectful way.’ The lady concluded.

In pornography,there is no enjoyment in the way the porn stars engage in s*xual activities down there in the room . They abuse and bring shame and dishonor to it! Someone is having s*x and she is shouting and groaning in pains and you want to imitate that? Should married couples involve in porn watch?

For your information: Those who have s*x in porn rooms are pained to abuse s*x. Most of them don't get paid unless they wound,tear and bring scourging pains to the ladies they have s*x with. And of course,the pay those ladies receive is not to enjoy s*x,but for  receiving pains,dissatisfaction,and abuse in the use of their s*xual organs in porn rooms. Should married couples involve in porn watch???

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