Should I Marry A Man Who Loves Me More Than I Do?

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Should I marry a man who loves me more than I do? Well,this is no Jamb question as some people feel. It is as important as other life important questions are.

When you are in a serious relationship,you will find out that it is not as easy as when you are in friendship. Everything becomes more serious to you especially as you know that whatever decision you take now will affect you now or later.

It is true that two parties,two lovers cannot love each other equally. One loves the other partner more. Now the ladies are asking: '' Should I marry a man who loves me more than I do''?

No doubt if you are one of these ladies,you love your man but you do not know how much he ,loves you. 

You may have heard from your colleagues or peers that a woman had better marry a man who loves her more than she does in order to enjoy love security right? Have you on the other side wondered if men also consider the same as well?

Why would you dear lady think that there is a man who loves a woman more than a woman does? Do you think it is plausible and realistic?

What exists is a man who shows more love to a woman than a woman does and vise versa.

There is nothing like ''One partner loves more than the other in a relationship''! What there is is one partner showing more love than the other! Both parties,a man and a woman develops enough love for each other before accepting to be in a relationship.

Dear lady,why would you give your love to your life mate with reservation? Whom are you reserving it for other than the love of your life?

Any woman who hopes or wishes to marry a man who loves her more than she does must be a very selfish woman! Looking for a man who loves you more is restricting your love for your partner,withholding your love from him. Why?

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should I marry a man who ,loves me more than I do? Why should you even wait for a man to love you more than you do my dear lady? Do you not know that it takes two to tangle? This is why marriages and relationships crash. Selfishness!

When you begin to restrict your love for your partner,when you begin to show him less love because you want him to show you more love than you do,then he will begin to question your commitment in the relationship.

When he goes after another woman clamoring for him,showing him more green light and love than you do,DO NOT BLAME HIM! You are part of his reason for keeping his eyes elsewhere!!!

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