Shocking Ways Boy-Child Is Also Sexually Abused.

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I am sure many of you great minds are surprised that even boy-child is also sexually abused right? All along,it's been girl-child gender that suffers many kinds of abuses especially s*xual abuse and violence. Are boys also s*xually abused? Definitely yes! ''No gender is immune to s*xual abuse and violence'' says a researcher.

Some people also feel that children from poor background who live in low income areas,are the only ones vulnerable to s*xual abuse. But it is not true. Any child who is kept in a vulnerable state and condition can be s*xually abused.


  • Take a look at a child who is left in the care of a nanny or baby seater to be cared for. The parent of the child goes out for work every morning and come back at night,many times the child or children are already at sleep. The next morning the parent also leave home early for work,only to come back again at the same time. Who is more in the heartof the child or children? The nanny who takes care of them.

Some of these nannies who are not permitted to go out and see their boyfriends or who are not permitted to allow their boyfriends visit them at their work place use the s*xual organs of boys for fun play and practice. Some of them would even go as far as teaching them how to do it in order to get wet and satisfy their s*exual urge.

Any boy-child who grows up this way will eventually grow up to s*xually abuse other boys and girls that vulnerably come his way. This is what we call ''Abused Abuser Factor''.

  • Another shocking way boy-child is s*xually abused is through peer group. In schools where boys are discussing wet-dream issues,if any boy among them mentions that he had never experienced wet-dreams before in his life,other boys out of foolish concern might say they want to check the size of his s*xual organ.Being influenced by strong influence of his friends,the helpless boy may agree and the rest becomes the story.

  • Leaving children with neighbors also makes it easier for any boy-child to be s*xually abused. In African setting,this is very much common as many as different people cohabit and live together in the same yards or compounds. Soon,children mingle everywhere,thinking each and every room or house in their compound belongs to them.  Read more:

''Perpetrators don’t just pounce on children, they groom them.  They gain their trust, get their confidence and it can start with something so basic but you will be amazed what that can do to a child over a period of time.  Some people will say why didn’t the child speak up? It’s because the child did not know better and that is the danger we have in sexual violence. Society most times often blame the victim, even when it is a child. These are the things perpetrators take advantage of and use to groom children'' says another researcher.

The truth is that boy-child also suffers sexual abuse problems as girl-does does. No gender is immune to s*xual abuse as long as parents and guardians expose a child to vulnerable conditions!!!

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