See What Toyin Lawal Replies Her Mother When She Tells Her To Settle Down And Marry A Rich Man

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You know,sometimes I don't understand some mothers at all. Your daughter is still single and patiently waiting for her dream man and you are seeing her as someone who would bring misfortune to the family.

When she tells you she wants a simple man who is neither rich nor poor that would make her happy you would complain and make her look like she forbids good things of life.

Yes,Toyin Lawal,a fashion entrepreneur and mother of two children was asked by her mother to settle down and marry a rich man. A rich man oo,just a rich man and Toyin Lawal says in reply: ''I am a rich man''! Take a look below:

Toyin Lawani reveals the answer she gave her mother when she told her to settle down and marry a rich man

Maybe Toyin's mother doesn't know how rich her daughter is because,obviously all the older woman wants is not just for her daughter to get married as some other mothers would want,but for her daughter to get hooked to a RICH man. Obviously,this is the reason why Toyin told her mother '' I am a rich man''! Hah,what a mother! Read more:

We are not here to criticize Toyin's mother,but to use the avenue to talk to women who are so materially conscious than the welfare of their children,going into marriage.

Your daughter is not yet married and every now and then you keep reminding her that you want to see your grandchildren! Father,from where?

Okay,for some mothers,when suitors start coming for their daughters' hand in marriage,they start detecting and making choices for their daughters. Like Toyin's mother,some mothers would start asking such questions as: How many cars does he have? Which company does he work with? Does he live home or abroad? Just to know the financial strength of their in-laws to be before giving approval.

Dear mothers,it is so unfair to put into consideration what you would get from your would be in-laws than your daughters' happiness. If your daughter brings home her suitor why not be happy and accept him as long as he is responsible and comfortable.

Finally mothers,stop putting pressure on your daughters just because,they are yet to find their suitors and soulmates! Wherever she is is her home,and she deserves to be happy!!!

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