Is This Why Yvonne Nelson Got Pregnant Out Of Wedlock?

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Photo: Pregnant Yvonne Nelson.

I don't really know how many people ,I mean the percentage of people that like or prefer to give birth out of wedlock by choice. 

Could someone,especially in women's fold get up and decides that having a baby without getting married is just want she wants to do? Have you in your entire life seen a lady amid  suitors who said no and rejected them and said she doesn't want to gt married,all she wants is just to have baby with them? Maybe.

Getting pregnancy out of wedlock is something no reasonable person could ever think of. Pregnancy out of wedlock comes by chance and mistake and most often,the result leads to quick marriage of the lovers!

However,what there is that I have seen,and of you too have seen a lady getting pregnancy in order to force her long time boyfriend into marriage with her. After all,she is pregnant with his baby! This pregnancy is intentional and something outside wedlock issue,because,there is no marriage in view especially in the mind of the man but the lady really wants nothing but marriage.

Actress Yvonne Nelson welcomed her first child on October 29th 2017 out of wedlock and she says she feels no regret about it. She says:

''I believe it’s the right thing to do. To get married, have kids, raise a family is ideal but I believe society puts a lot of pressure on women, young women in Africa especially.”  

Simply put: Pressure on young women in Africa to get marry and have children pushed her to have a baby out of wedlock even though she knew the right thing is marriage first,seconded by pregnancy and then raising a family!

Concerning how she would handle this issue despite many critics,she says: 

''I am a very positive person. I don't let all the negativity and all the bad talks get to me. I was staying positive. I had loved ones around me plus I had this beautiful blessing in my arms. It was all joy for me. I wasn't listening to all the negativity outside at all. It didn't really affect me at all''

''what matters most is that “at the end of the day if my mum, my family is happy with me, I am happy with myself, that’s it''.

Hmm,Yvonne Nelson! Anyway,if there is any thing one could appreciate about the whole thing,it is the fact that she was able to carry the pregnancy and gave birth to it rather than going for abortion especially as her fiance was  not yet making any arrangement to wed her. Till now,the young man is still reluctant to go down the isle with her unlike what other dating mates would do.

 We must not forget that if societal pressure on young women was what pushed a person,a character of Yvonne  Nelson to get pregnant out of wedlock at her age and despite her huge exposure,then Yvonne Nelson is very very wrong! She must have disappointed her many fans and on lookers who truly look up to her to set good and positive examples.

A strong woman must be able to stand strong against any culture that could mar her integrity. If she ever let herself be pushed,then she is not a strong but a gullible character,misrepresenting a strong voice in the eyes of people!!! 

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