''No,There Is Nothing Like Gender Equality'' - Obiakalusi,Marriage Counselor

''No,There Is Nothing Like Gender Equality'' - Obiakalusi,Marriage Counselor
Photo: Lovett Obiakalusi

How many of you out there believe or agree with Mrs Lovett Obiakalusi,a marriage counselor who says that she doesn't believe in gender equality? In fact she says: ''No,there is nothing like gender equality''.

For sometime now,women have been fighting for legality of gender equality but to no avail. It seems this is a fight women can never win. They have never succeeded no matter how much they have tried.The highest they could get from the world of almighty ,where women can never be equal with men no matter their successes and achievements is 30%. 

Men,whether they are educated or not,rich or poor,intelligent or dull,brave or coward have said no to many incessant request of women to have 50% equal right with men.

What in the opinion of a this highly recognized marriage counselor does she mean when she says that there is no such thing as gender equality? Take your seat,sit well,and let's hear her out: 

'' I have often told people that I don’t believe in gender equality, especially when it comes to the family. You can aspire to the highest level like the man in the workplace but, when it comes to the home, you cannot change God’s order. It is a command. The bible says, “wives, submit to your own husbands''.

She continues: 

All these problems are caused by the influence of Western education. I think that most of us have lost moral foundation. We must understand that all instructions of the scripture are for our good. If God says that a woman must be submissive in order to be happy and at peace in her family, why do you want to fight against God? It is pure rebellion.
He says submit to your own husband, and then, the man, “love your wife as much as Christ loves the church and laid down his life for her;” so, for the woman, it is even less. The man (duty) is practical death. It literally means he is supposed to die for the woman, but if we don’t understand these things, it will not just work.
The message of submission is a very strong and powerful one. As difficult as it may sound, it is the only way to run a happy home. It is built on wisdom. If you understand the mystery of submission, you would have a blissful marriage all your life. I have been married for about 25 years and still counting. Without sounding immodest, I must say that it still feels fresh and brand new every day. Submission has made my marriage blossom day after day.
A man needs to be respected and his respect comes from the woman’s submission. Rebellion from the woman gives the man heartbreak. Humility, respect, love and patience have remained the major components of submission. If you define each one of them,  you would find out that, when you submit to a man, it authomatically translates to respect. When you respect a man, it translates to love. It is not enough to say “I love you, I love you” endlessly. You must respect the man even when he is a cripple, deaf or in whatever physical disability. If you are respectful, humble and patient with him, you will have a beautiful marriage. Just play the fool. Some people say that I am not wise, and I agree with them. I am not wise, yet I have a beautiful marriage.
My husband feels safe with me. He can let me in on anything but, when you always challenge your man and keep disobeying him, even if he owns the world, he will not leave anything in your name because he does not feel safe with you. Invariably, he will leave nothing in your care.''
In other words,inequality does not mean that women are inferior to men or that men are superior to women. Before God the creator of humans,men and women are equal! In fact,they are like drops of water!
Why women are not equal to men regardless of whatever achievement they have is that they are simply women,they came after men were long made and created.
Do you like Mrs. Lovett believe that there is no such thing as gender equality???

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