Is Love Just Enough In Relationship? See Here!

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love and relationship.

Between love and possession,which comes first in a relationship? What I mean is this: Before a man would love a woman or a woman accepts to be in a relationship with a man to become his girlfriend,what triggers the move? Is it love or possession? What is the attraction?

Well,while some people say love,others simply believe it is possession. What do you think? Okay look at this:

Does anyone see a man and quickly fall in love with him for no reason? You may say YES,because you have heard ''love at  first sight'',but the answer is capital no! 

To start with though it is not our focus here,love at first sight does not mean when your eyes get sight of someone opposite and you begin begin to have some feelings for him immediately for no reason. It is not human,it is not natural.

Loving someone goes with certain attractions peculiar to oneself. You may see someone and pass by only to later come and realize that he or she would soon become a much more lover. Why? You just discover certain things he or she has  that you love. That is possession,the attraction!

It could be intelligence,complexion,family background,educational background,height or body built up! You can never love someone without a reason!

You must have seen something in someone before you talk about love. That is possession.The attraction that lures one into love.

This explains the reason why you might have been with someone for a long time without knowing that later he or she would become someone very specially to you. You only realize this truth the moment you discover he or she possesses certain qualities you have always loved to see in your wife to be and that begins everything in the name of love.

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Is just love enough in relationship? Then I ask you: Can you love someone enough to be in a relationship just because he or she is a human created in God's image? The answer lies in your hand!!!

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