Is It Right To Publicize Your Virginity Status?

 Is It Right To Publicize Your Virginity Status? -Image result for virginity

A lot of  people especially ladies nowadays do not want to talk about virginity. In fact,a vast majority of people in America,Europe and Canada don't think the issue of virginity is important either in conversation or in any relationships.

When you come down to Asia and Africa which regard virginity till marriage as important,it now seems that everything about virginity depends much on individual and family value.

Is it right to publicize your virginity status?

There is a now common belief that says ''Everyone was once a virgin,what is the sense of emphasizing virginity as if it is the best anyone can be?''

Then I ask: If this is  true and of course it is true that everyone was once a virgin,if it doesn't make sense that emphasis is still placed on virginity in some cultures,families and religions,why would some people whether still virgins or not sometimes engage in virginity talks? Why does this topic always surface despite the so much effort 21 century people have put to make it look obsolete? Food for thought!

If a woman born a virgin and still remains a virgin until she marries,that is very good and fortunate for her. This is because,many,who lost their virginity before marriage,didn't do so cheaply,stupidly,or willingly. But should anyone virgin make others cry for being fortunate?

Many have lost their virginity which they intended to keep until marriage to robbers,rapists,and other bad guys. Is it right to publicize your virginity status?

Some who have publicized that they are virgins to their peers who have lost theirs probably in more painful ways have also been helped or forced to lose theirs in turn. Of what business is the public in your private matter?

Well,I trust the public. Everyone is opinion oriented. There are always positive and negative reactions on the issue of virginity when it is publicized.

''Publicizing one's virginity is not an expression of happiness but pride.'' What is the source of your pride in what everyone has,that many still keep and cherish?

Don't get it wrong! We are not saying well done to those who have stupidly and cheaply lost their virginity,neither are we encouraging anyone virgin to go lose hers! What we are saying is that those who are still fortunately virgins should keep it out of public notice! It is a private thing and so should keep it privately!

Virginity does not guaranty happy or successful marriage. Somehow to a large extent though,it guarantees trust!!!

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