Is It Right To Nurture Feelings For Someone I am Attracted To?

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You know,there is actually a big difference between having feelings for someone and nurturing feelings for someone.

Fine,it is true that attraction to someone opposite s*x arouses feelings. When you are attracted to someone,you begin to have feelings for him! That is perfectly okay,it is a very natural thing to do .

Is it okay to nurture feelings for someone I am attracted to?

Oh my God,how could one nurture feelings for someone who has not asked you out just because you are attracted to him? Whose intentions for you you do not know yet?

Okay,let's go down a little on that lane. Is the attraction based on love at first sight or did anything about him generate the feelings in time?

We asked this question because there are ladies who would see the kind of men they truly desire and before know it,they start wishing they come to them and feel the same way too. Many times,the men these ladies wish to have do not even give a wink. They simply pass by and keep their eyes on somewhere else! Are these are the kind of men you should start nurturing feelings for? This is very risky!

It is good to admire something you love but it is wise you have some limit. Wait until you are sure you can completely have it before you start thinking of how it will bring you pleasure,joy and satisfaction,otherwise,you will bring a great injury to yourself. Do not forget: One cannot own everything that one touches!

Nurturing feelings for someone just because you are attracted to him is like a beggar wishing to drive a flashy car his eye catches on the road.You know this is impossible for him to have because he doesn't have the means to do so.

He has not asked you out,he has not shown he has feelings for you,you are not sure about his own situation,and you want to start nurturing feelings for him? What if by tomorrow or next you hear that that man you admire and feels something great inside you is about to walk down the isle with his heartthrob?

Whose fault is the injury you will have sustained? Read more:

The truth is that sometimes,even if a guy asks you out on a date,it doesn't mean he has made up his mind it is you he is going to marry. He could have asked you out just to make his day! And yes,this is someone you would now go in there and start nurturing some feelings for right? If only you could see the mind and the heart! 

My dear lady,save yourself some heart pains and disappointment by letting your mind off any man who has not talked about marriage with you with serious commitment and engagement.

''It is better one begins to nurture feelings for someone opposite s*x,as soon as marriage is in sight and wedding date is fixed'' says a marriage forecast!!!

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