Impossible! See Other Kinds Of People Nigerian lawmakers Sign To Serve Punishment In Prison

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Photo: Nigerian lawmakers

Obviously,when one is found guilty of any capital offence such as rape,kidnapping,human trafficking,murder,and other criminal acts,he is sent straight to prison to serve some punishment.

Every country has their own laws stipulated in their constitutions which of course are made known to their citizens,and Nigeria is not exceptional.

There are thousands of prison yards where criminals and convicts spend part or most of their lives in for committing capital offenses.

However,apart from criminals,rapists and murderers, here are enlisted by the Nigeria lawmakers those who too will be serving punishment in prison because of hate speech,should it be passed and enforced by law:

''Our condemned cells in the prisons will be filled with bloggers,critics and perceived political opponents.'' 

It was senator Shehu Sani,who pronounces this! 

In a full speech Senator Shehu Sani says:

'Most people in Power are intolerant to criticism and allergic to dissent to be trusted with a capital punishment for Hate speech.The law against Hate speech will be used against free speech.

Many critics and social media enthusiasts will end up in the gallows.Our condemned cells in the prisons will be filled with bloggers,critics and perceived political opponents.

We must fight Hate speech,Hate speech is a real threat to peace,unity and order of a nation but we must protect free speech.

Free speech is the shield of the oppressed.When you have state police and you have capital punishment for Hate speech,you will have tyranny and terror as a state policy.People in power should think twice about what they do with power as someday they will be out of power.

A democratic state must balance its security exigencies with its constitutional obligations and moral duty to uphold the rule of law and respect fundamental rights of its citizens.If you are in public office and you don’t want to be criticized or challenged, please dismount and go back to your family where you can be an imperial emperor.''

You see? All of this is because of hate speech.One day,with the way Nigerian senators are passing whatever bills into law without intelligent considerations,they too will find themselves in the cells of prison for unreasonable laws they make.

If hate speech is passed and signed into law,one day bloggers and probably you who read and comment will also become prisoners in the yards of criminals!!!

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