I Did This Since He Couldn't Satisfy Me!

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What did she do? Who are we talking about here? What exactly did she say that she did since her husband couldn't satisfy her?

Okay,her identity is not revealed to us here as we pledged to her not to,but she is a house wife in Lagos state Nigeria.

She had  a husband who is good in everything except in s*x. ''Within 3 minutes of climbing on her he has already released.'' The woman complained. It was then she realized that almost every woman could forgive her husband for cheating on her but almost no woman could forgive her man who could not satisfy her in bed! Wow,this is something else to my knowledge!

She said she did something since he couldn't satisfy her. What and what did she do?

Yea,I am sure almost all of you are thinking the same thing. ''She cheats on her husband'' is one answer I could feel many of you saying,but that is far from what the woman did. She didn't cheat on her husband! She said she was looking for what to do to actually give solution to the problem once and for all.

You know,if the woman go cheating on her husband,she still would not succeed in getting the satisfaction she wants and this is what many people do not know. Please tell them that!

At first,the woman decided to tolerate the fact that her husband could not satisfy her and would cry bitterly over the poor result. So she said she would endure it just to prove she loves her husband. But on another thought,she said no,and began to have another plan,a very different thought.

Would you say ''Yes,I knew it,she must go after other men? Yes you would,but again,she didn't!

The woman said that she was morally brought up and so she talked to herself to behave and act decently. So she didn't cheat on her husband for not satisfying her. Then what did she do?

Our woman here went to her old school friend who got married many years before her and poured out her heart to her. Like the saying '' problem shared is problem half solved,the woman got a solution that could make her husband last for more than 10 minutes and he keeps improving up to having it 3 rounds!

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Our point here is that we have solutions to every problem on earth except for what is dead!

Cheating on your husband for not satisfying you in bed is a total waste of time and energy. That is no solution to the problem. And of course you know when there is problem,seeking solutions is the only wise thing to do!

Dear friends,you can always find solutions to whatever problem you are having in your marriage,in your family,and elsewhere,if only you can sincerely and openly share it with trusted friends and right people!

You are adding to the problem if you take a short cut or divert to the other side,when any problems exist!!!

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