How Was Your Night? A Question For Romantic Partners Only?

 How Was Your Night?  A Question For Romantic Partners Only? -Image result for sexual partner

‘ How is my night your business?’  This was one question a white woman asked an African young man who asked her how her night was in their office after normal ''good morning'' greeting. The white woman flared up in anger and ranted,feeling embarrassed that she was asked by someone,a colleague in their office,how her night was!

Is anything wrong with asking just anyone ''How was your night''? Yes,please!

First and foremost,the question ''How was your night'' is a question,which idea is connected and associated to s*x. The intention is to know how the night was spent with one's bed-mate,a close romantic partner or friend!

In another similar situation,a young African woman in Canada asked someone she exchanged some morning greetings with ''How was your night''? and this was the reply she got:

 ‘You are asking How was my night when we aren’t even familiar? Well, I borrowed a married man for the night, it was quite sloppy. He wasn’t what I bargained for and expected. Small device, short duration”. 

Are you surprised at that response? Shocked? Disappointed? But that is the kind of answer that the question ''How was your night'' actually demands. A romantic answer,that explains to somebody,how one makes love with his or her romantic partner!

On a normal day,the question ''How was your night''? does not belong to African context of greetings. It is for white people and when borrowed,it should be used by married people or s*x-mates soon after waking up to know about one's s*xual urge and satisfaction,or about the s*x last night.

Again think of it: When someone asks you ''How was your night''? what comes to your mind? I am so sure if it were your bf,that asked you that question,you would tell him how you wished you had spent the night with him. Doing what? 

Yes,how many of your parents in  Africa would be willing to ask you ''How was your night''instead of  using their own local language that indicates ''hope you slept well last night? Have you woken up? Etc?

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My dear great mind,the question ''How was your night is not for everyone! It is for romantic partners alone! It is a question borrowed from the white man's leave to start the day with one's romantic partner,romantically!!!

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