How Often Should I Say ''I Love You?''

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Now this is very very important that we get this very straight here. The ''I love you'' thing that some lovers say to each other probably before ending telephone calls or while chatting online has become a daily issue for some people.

Should I say ''I love you''  to my boyfriend before ending a telephone call or while chatting with him? How often should I say ''I love you?''

The truth is that people who do not usually say ''I love you'' to their romantic friends or who are not comfortable saying it are often tempted to say so because others or people around them are saying it to their boyfriends.

In order not to be different or be termed unromantic people,they also want to join the line that say ''I love you'' to their boyfriends. Now they are asking: How often should I say ''I love you?''

My dear lady,there are different ways to say ''I love you'' to your partner,friend or lover.Everyone is not given to saying ''I love you'' in words. There are people who actually can say ''I love you'' to their boyfriends or girlfriends as if they are saying anything else. They are neither ashamed to say it,nor are they uncomfortable to say so! These type of people do not ask: How often should I say "I love you''? because they do not have problems with that. They can say so as many times as their hearts moves them to say it without hindrance.

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For some  who are not given to saying ''I love you'' to their lovers,there is absolutely no problem. I am sure you have been saying it in various other ways other than in words otherwise,you wouldn't have continued being in that relationship.

There is no number of times saying ''I love you'' to someone you love that is too much for those who are given to saying so in words. However,the worse of it all is saying you love someone just because others are saying it to their boyfriends and it does not come from your heart.

In fact,as old as I am today,I have never seen a word so difficult to say as ''I love you'' especially when you are not that kind of person or when the person your are in relationship with is not comforting with it. So forget it,if you do not belong to the type that can comfortably use it!

In romantic relationships, the saying: ''I love you'' is not by force! It shouldn't be said to impress,or because others around you are saying it to their lovers. It is not for everyone to use!! 

Yes everyone is not given to say ''I love you'' in words but all who love must express love in action and there is no limitation to saying ''I love you''!!!

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